We use modern milling machines and the leading tool suppliers in the world.
We carry out various types of assembly and adjustments, both at customer and on site in our premises.
With our multi-operation responses we can do total processing. The results are of the highest quality.
We perform both TIG and MIG welding in most materials. Our welding machines keep modern standards and get the best results.
To our machines, we use the latest CAD / CAM software tools. We are constantly updated with the best technology in both software and hardware.
We design and manufacture details of the most commonly used materials in sheet metal. We also offer lacquering for smaller volumes.

An industrial handcraft

We work with both modern CNC machines that we program through CAD / CAM systems and also with conventional lathes and mills that require a steady hand and a sensible mind.

Sandflo AB

This is what we do

Sandflo Mekanik AB is a complete supplier of lottery manufacturing. We work with most materials, from heavy metals to thin sheets and plastics.

Single-piece production and small and medium-sized series are our specialty. Production capacity is very high, which enables us to produce prototype series, short series and also perform full-scale series production. If necessary, we also mount in place.

Our multifunctional responses can handle dimensions from 6 mm to 81 mm on bar material with bar feeder, and up to 500 mm on piece pieces. Our milling machines have capacity up to X: 1000 mm and Y: 500 mm.

Our resources

By bouncing your idea with us at an early stage, we make sure that it finds its right form in terms of quality and function. We are a close team of experienced employees who gladly share our knowledge. With us, the customer is in focus and we always strive for the current deal to be a recommendation for the next.

Another resource we are proud of is our high-tech machinery park, equipped with everything from multi-operation responses to advanced milling and welding machines. With us, the craftsmanship and the work with the latest CAD / CAM software go hand in hand.


Since 2013, we have been certified in quality through ISO 9001: 2008 and in the environment through ISO 14001: 2004. These certifications are important tools for us in our daily work and they provide extra security for our customers.

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